A step towards energy efficient resources : Expertise.com

In today’s scenario there is a very serious need of energy conservation due to which people have started searching for energy efficient resources and “Expertise” is one of those companies which is working for the betterment of it. They have come up with a lot DIY videos and tips for home energy guides to help us…

5 Lesser known facts about Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the man who changed the world forever and for good, the one with iconic style and an indestructible vision of the future. We all love him for what he has done and here are some lesser known facts about Jobs.

Activision Makes A Move Towards TV And Movie Departments

One of the world’s popular game maker Activision who has produced games like “Call Of Duty” are now moving into TV series and movies as well. The official statement from the  company on Friday confirmed that  it is creating a film

The 5 BEST VPN for Torrenting and P2P file sharing -By Caroline B

Torrent use can be a wonderful thing, but in the eyes of the government, it is piracy central that needs to be shut down. Aside from the heat torrents produce, I personally feel they can be used for more positive means, such as large company file transfers. Today I will be talking about a few…

6 lesser known facts about Google

Google is a well-known search engine who hasn’t found a challenging rival yet who could beat its popularity and services that they provide, but following are a few unknown facts about Google which you got to know about.